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The YOU Power Project offers innovative, interactive programs that take you out of the classroom and into the real world! Learn from fascinating experts and develop skills that will help you stand out today and in the future. 

We see youth have a future of unlimited possibility. Let’s help them realize their potential.

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Foundations for the Future

 a self-paced virtual empowerment program

Our flagship program!


Build confidence, resilience and career clarity as we explore the B.O.S.S. World of Entrepreneurship to discover your unique YOU POWER! Our introductory program is sure to get you excited about what's possible and give you momentum for your exciting future!

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Co-designed with our post-secondary interns as THE learning and mentoring experience they've been looking for!

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Ready to take your post-secondary degree or certificate to the next level? Join the waitlist for our 8-week program, designed to help students and recent graduates apply their education to real-world applications in employment or entrepreneurship. Designed WITH students like you, FOR students like you, this is a program worth tuning into!

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How students access our programming:

Direct- Purchase

Parents and grandparents of our students LOVE our program for it's self-paced, holistic approach to the development of transferrable skills, confidence and vocational exploration. Our company name uses the word "empowerment" thanks to the testimonials we received from both students and parents to describe how they felt after taking our program. 

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How are you giving back to your community? Whether it's becoming a sponsor or adding your youth outreach group to our list of sponsorship recipients, help us get our powerful future-ready curriculum into the hands of as many students as possible. Together we can break the cycle of poverty by empowering youth to realize their full potential!

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Just for your organization

"Foundations for the Future" powerfully uplifts Ontario curriculum expectations in subject areas spanning grades 7-12. Whether used as final projects, or introduced into your org's ecosystem as a powerful extra-cirricular experience, partnering with us to deliver this program will surely enhance your students' future-readiness!

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What Are We Learning?

Each program is uniquely designed to inspire, empower, and equip you for the next step. We dive into the world of entrepreneurship and triple-bottom-line business as a lens for exploring new options and expanding what we see as possible. 

You’ll learn a lot, including:

✓ Powerful mindset and goal setting

✓ Problem-solving and creative thinking

✓ Global Citizenship

Career planning through self exploration and celebration

✓ Self-esteem and resiliency

✓ Yoga and mindfulness

✓ Creative thinking and problem-solving

✓ Responsibility, self- regulation and accountability

✓ Internet and social media tools and safety

✓ Website development and self-promotion

✓ Public speaking and effective communication

 so much more. This really is just the tip of the iceberg!


Get excited about what’s possible! Explore new possibilities and discover unlimited options for the future through the exciting world of entrepreneurship.


Build your self-confidence and up-level your mindset! The knowledge and new perspectives you’ll gain will have you feeling ready to take on new challenges.


Learn transferable skills, improve your agility, and develop your problem-solving abilities! You’ll have everything you need to accomplish your dreams.

high praise from the toughest of critics! 

Students! Interested in getting sponsored to join us?

Community members, local businesses, and corporate partners are happy to sponsor students! If you’re interested in attending a program as a sponsored student, fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch!