You Power Project's Virtual Programs: CODE OF CONDUCT

Effective date: May 2021




13502180 Canada Inc. (Operating as The Youth Empowerment Project and/ or The You Power Project)'s  suite of programs are a place that promotes respect, inclusivity, community, civility, and extra-curricular excellence in a safe learning and mentoring environment. A positive climate exists when all members of our community feel safe, comfortable, and accepted. All participants, parents, mentors, entrepreneurs, and Jessica Flynn (owner of The Youth Empowerment Project) have the right to be safe, and to feel safe, in this learning community. With this right comes the responsibility to contribute to a positive climate. 

The provincial Code of Conduct within the school system sets clear provincial standards of behaviour. These standards of behaviour apply not only to students, but also to all individuals involved in that school system – parents or guardians, volunteers, teachers, and other contributing members – this Code of Conduct has been taken and adapted to meet the requirements of this program.

Responsible citizenship involves appropriate participation in the civic life of the program community. Active and engaged citizens are aware of their rights, but more importantly, they accept responsibility for protecting their rights and the rights of others. 

Success Agreements

Our commitment to you: The You Power Project values community, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning. We are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, and students of entrepreneurship discover, or re-discover their passions and make moves to create big, abundant lives for themselves. This program will aim to provide you with a fresh way of thinking about your future, and offer you tools to hone into your power, potential and unique strengths so you can feel good about your ability to dream and do big things in your life. Our goal is to help you along your personal growth journey to discover, learn, and begin taking steps toward the incredible impact you’re going to make on this world. 

  • Our belief in our program as a holistic learning organization and its key strategic direction speaks to the importance we place on supporting and guiding student’s self- formation and thus, will approach discipline with swiftness
  • All members of this community are recognized as unique and must be treated with respect and dignity, including persons in positions of authority. As a system we promote an experience that allows each participant to learn and grow in an environment which respects each individual.

●   Commit to yourself and your goals and show up. This program is designed to guide you, but requires you to take action to see results

●   Keep your focus - as a business owner focus is your most scarce resource 



Each member of the community has a right to a positive program experience.


Specific “attendance” is not required, as this is an extracurricular opportunity, but regular attendance to the live mentoring opportunities is crucial to your full experience of the program.  Regular participation on the part of the participant is vital to their growth.  Missed work MUST be caught up and it is the sole responsibility of the students to do so. All content of the program will be recorded and available to be accessed at a later date. After the live launch of the program, contact with Jessica Flynn and all other mentors will only be available at their individual paid hourly rates, and at their discretion. 


Come with an open mind, ready to learn and take action

Ask for what you need and all questions are great questions

Attend the live group mentoring and Guest Speaker calls...on time, fully present and engaged 

Failure to prove your maturity and readiness to join theses calls will automatically result in the loss of access to our live sessions

→ Shut off ALL notifications

→ Unless there is an emergency or some wild distraction happening in your camera lens, keep your camera ON and show up engaged

→ Do NOT eat during the meeting, unless it's a lunch meeting and everyone is eating

→ Mute your microphone - especially if you're eating 😂

→ Don't walk around your house with your video on, for all other participants to be distracted by

→ Show up on time and stay for the duration of the meeting

The easiest way to think of these etiquette rules is to imagine you're in an in person meeting. In an in person meeting you wouldn't keep your ringer on, look away from the person talking (or be able to 'shut your screen/face off', you definitely wouldn't sit down to a business meeting and take out your lunch to start eating, or speak when others are, arrive late, leave early or get up and walk around to multitask when you're in a business meeting either.

We all get the cats going across the screen or siblings randomly running in or yelling in the background. What we’re concerned about are the things you can do and control to show up in an engaged way to a “professional space”.

These simple yet profound things make a big difference to the presenter or meeting host, as well as the other participants in attendance. And they also make a big difference to you! 


 It is the duty of the participant and their parent/ guardian to teach the risks involved with having an online life. 


  • You accept responsibility for any misuse of your account, regardless of who used it.  Therefore, you will keep your password secret.
  • You will use only your own account. Anyone who attempts to access any system using someone else's password will be lawfully dealt with.

General Computer Use 

  • You will do nothing that could interfere with the functioning of systems or networks of the program.
  • Vandalism shall result in disciplinary action. Vandalism is defined as any malicious attempt to manipulate, harm or destroy data or equipment of another user, or any of the networks that are connected to the Internet. This includes, but is not limited to, the deliberate infection of program platforms or resources with viruses.

When participating in an online environment, there are many safety considerations to make. Some highlights to discuss with your participant ahead of time would include:

Use of the Internet Considerations:

  1. Jessica Flynn, The You Power Project  (13502180 Canada Inc) and all of its programs have no control over material available through the Internet.  While there are many educational sites of great value, there are also sites that contain material inappropriate to any program setting.  You will use discretion and avoid areas that contain inappropriate material.
  2. In the interest of personal safety, participants are encouraged to promptly disclose any message that they receive that is inappropriate or that make them feel uncomfortable and to report this to a parent or guardian.
  3. You will ensure that your program account is not used for:
  • the gathering or distribution of any material which is offensive, obscene, racist, pornographic, malicious or slanderous
  • Any activity that may be considered unethical, immoral or illegal.
  • You will not share personal information (addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers...) over the internet.
  • Users will not plagiarise works that are found on the Internet.  Plagiarism is taking the writings, ideas, images, or other media of others and presenting them as if they were original to the user.


Each member of the program community has a right to be respected and treated in a courteous manner.


The use of obscene and abusive language or racial cultural discrimination will not be tolerated.  Once the person in authority has determined that obscene/abusive language has been used, expulsion from the camp with no financial refund will occur. 


The inappropriate use of program platforms and resources will result in the expulsion from the program with no financial refund. The program and 13502180 Canada Inc. take no responsibility for the communication between participants, as our program is designed to be completed on an individual basis, with group mentoring sessions only intended for Q&A with the authority figures involved in running this program. 


Vandalism, copying or theft of digital camp material will not be tolerated.  In all cases campers will be required to pay for damage to The The You Power Project  (13502180 Canada Inc) at which point the Police and legal council may be involved. (See Terms of Use and Privacy Policy)


Each member of the program community has a right to a safe and healthy environment.


Below are the Standards of Behaviour and their consequences as set out by The You Power Project :


As such, all members of the school community must:

  • respect and comply with all applicable federal, provincial (state) and municipal county) laws;
  • demonstrate honesty and integrity;
  • respect differences in people, their ideas and opinions as each member is a unique individual;
  • treat one another with dignity and respect at all times;
  • respect and treat others fairly, regardless of, for example, race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability;
  • respect the rights of others; 
  • show proper care and regard for intellectual camp property and the ideas of others; 
  • take appropriate measures to help those in need; 
  • respect all members of the program community, especially persons in a position of authority; 
  • respect the need of others to work in an environment that is conducive to learning and mentoring;
  • not speak disrespectfully or use the teleconferencing chat for any inappropriate communication with other campers or with any involved or related to the program. 


Any violation of this agreement will give The You Power Project  the right to terminate your access to the program, without financial refund, and to pursue any further disciplinary action according to the Law.


These policies are subject to change without notice.

Last updated December 2021.

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