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What does "Empowerment" mean to us?


Empowerment means equipping individuals with the tools, resources, and confidence to take control of their own lives, make informed decisions, and pursue their goals and aspirations with determination and autonomy.


It involves fostering a sense of self-belief, resilience, and agency, enabling individuals to overcome obstacles, advocate for themselves, and effect positive change in their lives and communities.


Empowerment is about recognizing and harnessing one's own strengths and capabilities to create meaningful and fulfilling experiences, both personally and professionally. Students arrive at their YOU Power!

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Where Schools Fall Short: A Teacher's Insight

Schools often face significant challenges in fostering deep engagement among students.

With overcrowded classrooms, overwhelming curriculum demands, and constant interruptions, the opportunity for personalized, interest-based learning can be scarce.

At The YOU Power Project, we understand these obstacles firsthand. Our Founder, a dedicated mother and Ontario Certified Teacher with over 12 years of classroom experience, recognized these limitations and made the bold decision to pursue her dream life as a social entrepreneur.

Our Start-Up Story

8 Weeks to Empowered YOUth!

Our "Foundations for the Future" program blends entrepreneurship, fun, and soft-skill-building through our signature B.O.S.S. framework. 

Our students believe in their endless potential and turn their ideas into ACTION! Here's what we accomplish each cohort:

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What some of our 200+ parents and students had to say:

What we're doing differently:


1. Project-Based Learning: Igniting Innovation

At The You Power Project, we're in the business of igniting innovation through project-based learning. We empower students to pursue their passions and create something unique - whether it's a business venture, an impressive portfolio, or a meaningful social justice project. Our approach transforms students into creators and change-makers, leaving an impact that lasts a lifetime.


2. Personal Development Coaching

Students not only receive personalized coaching but also benefit from the support and camaraderie of their peers. Our experienced coaches facilitate interactive sessions where students engage in meaningful discussions, share experiences, and learn from one another's insights. Together, we explore topics such as self-discovery, goal-setting, resilience, and effective communication, empowering each student to navigate life's challenges with confidence and clarity.

3. Engaging Virtual Calls and Relevant Material

This is NOT pandemic zoom schooling. Not only are we well-versed in exciting virtual learning, but our program requires just one hour per week of online engagement for eight weeks. We recognize the importance of balancing screen time with other activities, so we've designed our program to be efficient and effective, allowing students to maximize their learning without being glued to their screens.


4. Lifetime Access: Empowering Futures

When students join The YOU Power Project community, they're not just signing up for a program; they're investing in a lifetime of empowerment. With each registration fee, students gain lifetime access to our comprehensive program suite. It's an investment that keeps on giving, allowing them to revisit and reinforce their skills whenever they need them. We're here to support their journey, from the moment they join us throughout their lifetime of growth and achievement.


"Start exploring what you can, and want to do!"

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