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Explore the B.O.S.S. World of Entrepreneurship in this introductory program, all about gaining confidence, clarity and momentum for your exciting future!

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"Foundations for the Future" has countless curriculum integrations, or can be introduced to your school's ecosystem as an empowering milestone!

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We Believe:

  • Youth deserve to know just how awesome and capable they are, TODAY.
  • Students don’t have to wait until after secondary school to start living their dreams
  • The future workforce needs agile, creative, inspired thinkers
  • Developing a diverse skill set is more important than memorizing facts

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We teach our students about the importance of “triple bottom line” businesses that measure their success by the impact they have on profits, people, and the planet. We invite aligned, impact-focused businesses to show up for YOUR community in a powerful way.

Sponsorship gives students the chance to develop their skills, learn about entrepreneurship, and prepare themselves to be an outstanding contributor to the economy of the future. Your sponsorship has a direct impact on improving and empowering your future talent! 

If your company is interested in:

  • Supporting student empowerment
  • Equipping tomorrow’s workers with a diverse, agile skill set
  • Receiving positive marketing and being identified as an impact sponsor
  • Making sure more students have access to self-development and self-confidence building programs 

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Hi, I’m Jess! Founder of The YOU Power Project, Parent, Educator, + Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

I believe in chasing your dream day, not a dream job title. And I’m passionate about helping today’s youth understand just how awesome and powerful they really are! Over the last decade, I built several successful businesses while working as a high school teacher and becoming a mom. I’ve renovated houses, run a thriving construction company, and served as a project manager to several different organizations. I’m never bored!

Helping today’s students uncover their gifts, talents, and skills – through the framework of entrepreneurship – is one of my greatest joys! I can’t wait to see what your child is capable of.


We're helping students to be Inspired, Empowered, and Equipped to create a future they are excited by and proud of.

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