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Foundations for the Future

Virtual Empowerment Program


Take your future into your own hands! Join us for the next cohort of our virtual program designed to inspire and equip young people to tap into their limitless power and potential through the exploration of entrepreneurship!

"Discover your limitless potential through the exploration of entrepreneurship."


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Your Future is Full of Possibility!

We know, figuring out what you want to do "when you grow up" feels overwhelming and even impossible sometimes...that's why we don't believe in it!

Your future is limitless. You can create a life full of the things you love that light you up. 

And entrepreneurship is an awesome way to make that happen.

You don't have to wait to start exploring your potential...

We're starting our next cohort soon! Are you coming with us?

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Maybe You've Felt Like This?

  • I don't really know how to answer "What do you want to do after high school?"...
  • I have dreams of an awesome future...but don't think it's realistic for me
  • I am tired of other people telling me what I should do with my life
  • I like trying new things....but sometimes I feel nervous to show up at first
  • I think owning by own business could be cool...but I don't even know how to start thinking about that

Identify with any of these statements? 

"Foundations for the Future" was created for you!



"I'm Tired of Zoom and Virtual Classes"

We are too! At least, we're tired of the way they've BEEN done. That's why our Foundations for the Future Program is different.

This goes way beyond what's covered in the Careers course in high school, and will have you off your screen as well as on

Your experience in the program will have you...

Thinking Creatively

Creative thinking doesn't just apply to artists- it's one of THE most valuable skills to have as an entrepreneur. You'll be offered lots of opportunity to develop your creative problem solving skills!

Trying New Things

Our program activities include things like live yoga sessions, daily writing, conversation, and creative thinking prompts- all encouraging you to get outside and look at your surroundings a little differently. 

Receiving Mentorship

You'll have access to a team of guest speakers all sharing their stories and opportunities you may have never heard of, from people who've followed their dreams and are making an impact on the world!

YOU deserve a space to DREAM BIG!

Let's do this!

What Are We Doing in Foundations for the Future?

  • Tapping into our wildest dreams and biggest goals with vision boards
  • Learning how to think like the most successful entrepreneurs with mindset activation
  • Learning how to think more about who you want to be and less about what you want to be (because you can have any number of job titles over your lifetime!)
  • Diving into entrepreneurship principles and foundations
  • Learning to look at our communities through a different lens (the lens of a business owner)
  • Participating in virtual sessions to learn more about our selves and the world around us
  • Completing creative activities to implement what we learn
  • Responding to guided journal and conversation prompts to help us set goals and learn about our unique strengths
  • Learning from REAL, SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs every single week through both pre-recorded and live group mentoring
  • Mapping out your very own business/ special project idea
  • Taking a quick dive into the world of naming, designing, marketing, and pitching a new business!
  • Having a blast growing and trying something new!
  • Earning a certificate of completion with an optional opportunity to earn volunteer hours once the program ends!

Our signature "Foundations for the Future" virtual empowerment program is only $888 and includes everything you'll need for a year of inspiration and empowerment!


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Gain confidence, clarity and a stronger sense of self as we move through our signature B.O.S.S. framework...

Believe That Anything is Possible!

A vibrant introduction into the world of entrepreneurship and into your own brilliant possibilities!

Own That Anything's Possible for YOU!

A deep dive into yourself- exploring your own unique strengths, skills, talents and dreams.

Shape Your Ideas Into An Opportunity!

Choose one of your amazing talents/ interests to develop a little further as we complete the program

Share Your Ideas With the World!

Equipping you with a personal website and strong presentation skills so you can truly SHOW UP!

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Testimonials from TEACHERS on our Vision Boarding and Goal Setting Workshop (just ONE component of this program!)

J Flanagan

"My students really enjoyed working with Jess. It was a great way to launch [talking about their future] careers with a positive, 'sky's the limit' kind of vibe"

M Knights

"The journals for your presentation are excellent. The one I'm reading right now states, 'This was an excellent way to spend our day!'...isn't that awesome?!"

Meet the Founder and CEO of The Youth Empowerment Project

Hi! I'm Jess, and I'm so excited to introduce you into our community, to this program, and to get you feeling inspired and empowered this year!

I created our very first program because it's exactly what I (and so many of our program mentors and company interns) would have loved to have experienced when we were your age. We have since experienced the power of creative thinking, curiosity and entrepreneurship and want to share that knowledge with you!

I was a high school teacher for eleven years, and I love helping teens access and believe in their own potential. Before I went to Teacher’s College, I was in theatre school! And since I’ve been a teacher, I’ve also launched several businesses, renovated houses, and started my own construction company. You might say I’ve tried it all – but there’s still so much more I plan to learn!

The past several years have been particularly challenging for our youth in our increasingly complicated landscape. I firmly believe that it's time for youth to be seen, heard, and given a place to dream big – to help us solve some of the biggest problems we face today.

I’m so excited to guide our students along a fun journey of self-discovery, creativity, learning, and exploration.

Learn from Jess in "Foundations for the Future"

We can all breathe a sigh of relief now that Jess Flynn is at the helm of the youth programming space.  Jess is a powerful leader, able to see new, better, improved, and more efficient ways of facilitating learning and growth for the leaders of our future, our kids and teens.  Her structure and style are clear and compelling allowing students to break free from the narrow box that our current educational system has created.  A natural problem-solver, her wisdom comes from seeing a system, or seeing a concept in a new way, and showing and encouraging others how to use their gifts, strengths, energy, and talents in a purposeful way.  A true visionary and gift for education.

- Jenn Walker

MEET the Foundations for the Future Guest Speakers:

Jeff A.D. Martin

Keynote Speaker

Soul-stirring, thought-provoking, highly requested diversity and inclusion speaker...inspiring US to dream big and make powerful plans!

Jenn Walker

Business Coach at Dive Heart First; Designer at Yellow Canary Clay Co.

"Mindset Matters"

Lindsay Earle

Team Canada Athlete; P.Eng, MBA, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur

"Goal Setting Strategy"

Edie Gudaitis

Yoga + Meditation Instructor, Mindfulness Coach 

 Leading 4 yoga and meditation practices!

Natalie Kirby

Midwife- BSc, HBSc, RM, MSc, IBCLC; Practice Partner

"The Business of Midwifery"

Kiel Wilson- Ciocci

 Fine Artist for KIAM Studio, Entrepreneur, Teacher

"Creating the Life You Want"

Vanessa Locicero

Lawyer & CEO of Soul Attorney Inc. 

"Getting Legally Empowered"

Amanda Wilson-Ciocci

Owner, The Monarch and Co

Fine Artist and Co-Owner, KIAM Studio; Entrepreneur and Launch Strategist

"Ready, Set, Launch!"

Joseph Spitale

Owner, Nail It Public Speaking

Actor, Teacher and Entrepreneur

"Powerful Public Speaking"

Brandon Houston

CEO of Switch Video

President of The Collingwood Foundry Co-working space

"Exploring Entrepreneurship"

WOW! We want IN!

This Program is Packed With Bonuses!

  • Lifetime access to the program material and recorded mentoring sessions

  • Certificate of completion

  • MULTIPLE guest speaker Entrepreneurs EACH WEEK, offering mini lessons and live group mentoring

  • Parent handbook for an engaging experience and deeper connection!

  • Entrance into our YOUPowerProject Community (Access to exciting events and opportunities such as our Pitch Contest at the end of the summer, where you can win the cash prize to start your first biz!)

The Henry Bernick Entrepreneurship Center- Pitch Workshop and Contest!

In 2021, the HBEC sponsored our first Pitch Contest, which was open ONLY to "graduated" Be Your Own B.O.S.S. Campers- win money to help them build their business idea! Participants also got access to a HBEC Pitching Workshop as they prepared for the contest. On August 25th, 2021 we will hosted a virtual Pitch Contest and gave away $500 cash + $500 worth of mentoring through the HBEC. 

Not sure you want to be a business owner or entrepreneur?

Tradesperson? Doctor? Lawyer? Physiotherapist? Dentist? Vet? So many careers may have you opening up your own office one day! Learn about what it takes to do that successfully!


When are the coaching calls? What if we can't make it?

1. Fall cohort coaching calls occur on WEDNESDAY evenings, at 6:00 PM EST

2. Can't make all of the calls? NO PROBLEM! Here's why:

  • Calls are recorded and emailed out to those in the program who couldn't attend
  • Students are given the opportunity to fill out a form with their questions that will be answered on these calls whether they are in attendance or not! All they have to do is watch the replay in their inbox to find their answers!
  • Students must attend 6/8 group coaching calls to be eligible to earn their certificate of completion, but their lifetime access to the program is not affected by attendance. 

One Time Payment


Billed at checkout- set it and forget it!

  • 8 weeks of weekly live group coaching with the You Power Project's Founder
  • Lifetime access to program material
  • 20+ video lessons from 12+ dynamic speakers and professionals
  • 170+ pages of choose-your-own-adventure workbook material 
  • Guidance through 4 milestone projects based on your individual interests and passions!
  • Prompts for getting MOVING and SOCIAL


  • Parent on-boarding tools
  • Biz-builder workshops from industry experts
  • FREE trial access to BreachTTX and Virtual Robotics Training Academy platforms!
  • Certificate of completion
  • 5 volunteer hours (upon completion of feedback project)
Don't miss out! Register today!

Two Easy Payments

$175 CAD

Billed at checkout and one month after

  • Lifetime access to program material
  • Minimum 20+ mentorship hours with real entrepreneurs
  • Empowerment and focus exercises and mini projects
  • Outdoor and (covid-friendly) social prompts
  • Entrance into the YOU Power Project's Community
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Looking for sponsorship into Foundations for the Future?

In 2022 we rolled out a beta sponsorship program to see what the response would be among business owners and community leaders. We are thrilled to share that there are many generous folks out there who want to see YOU take this powerful and propelling program. Click here to submit your application form for FULL sponsorship!

At the end of the day, who couldn't benefit from mentorship and exploring new, dynamic ways of thinking?

The future is changing fast- are you coming with us? I'll be here to guide you through and promise you'll come out the other side feeling more inspired, empowered, and equipped than ever before!

Contact us directly

We want to see YOU in the next run of our program! 

Still have questions? We'd be happy to connect over email: [email protected]

Looking for subsidy to one of our programs?

YouthReach is one of our incredible partners making it easier to connect students in need with our powerful programs. Visit their grant application page to see if your family qualifies for a grant towards our program!