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MISSION: Equipping youth to step into their YOU Power

Our mission is to empower youth to discover their passions, develop essential skills, and create positive change in their communities and beyond.

 We recognize the challenges and opportunities that today's students face and are dedicated to providing them with the tools, resources, and support they need to navigate this critical period of growth and discovery.

Through our innovative program and personalized approach, we aim to inspire and equip young individuals to become confident, resilient, and purpose-driven individuals. We believe in nurturing their curiosity, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit, empowering them to chart their own path towards success in education, career, and beyond.

Vision and Values

Our vision at The YOU Power Project is to cultivate a world where every young individual feels empowered to embrace their whole self, contribute to their community, pursue their curiosity, and take ownership of their journey towards personal and collective growth.

Charting a Course Outside the Classroom- our startup story

Jessica Flynn, a multi-passionate professional and educator, embarked on her teaching journey with a school board in Ontario back in 2010. Inspired by her experiences in the classroom and driven by a desire to enact meaningful change in education, she began to envision a new approach that prioritized individualized learning and student empowerment.

As Jessica continued to teach, she also pursued her entrepreneurial endeavors, recognizing the need for innovative solutions to the challenges she witnessed within the education system. Her experiences as both an educator and entrepreneur fueled her determination to create a new paradigm for learning—one that nurtured curiosity, encouraged holistic growth, and empowered students to embrace their unique talents and interests.


With each passing year, Jessica's vision grew clearer, and in 2021, she made the pivotal decision to transition from teaching to founding The YOU Power Project. Drawing on her background in education, entrepreneurship, and personal development, Jessica set out to create a transformative online learning community that would revolutionize the way young individuals engage with education.


Today, The YOU Power Project stands as a testament to Jessica's unwavering commitment to reimagining education. Guided by her passion for empowering youth and her belief in the power of curiosity and community, Jessica continues to lead the charge in shaping a brighter future for learners of all ages.

Meet Our Founder: Jessica Flynn

 Award-Winning Educator, Best-Selling Author, TV Host, Mother, and Entrepreneur, Jessica is driven by an unyielding commitment to empowerment, quality education, and community. Her journey is a dynamic tapestry of diverse experiences and accomplishments, reflecting the belief that as humans, we are many things at once. 

Our Connection to the Sustainable Development Goals

At The YOU Power Project, we're not just shaping students for success; we're molding future leaders who understand the significance of their impact on the world. Our programs offer students the opportunity to develop essential skills, explore entrepreneurship, and equip themselves to become exemplary contributors to the economy of the future.

Central to our mission is the promotion of "triple bottom line" businesses, where success is measured not only by financial gains but also by the positive impact on people and the planet. We instill in our students the importance of considering social and environmental factors in their passion projects, fostering a mindset of responsibility and sustainability.

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Our Student Intrapreneurs

Since our inception, the YOU Power Project has been supported by teams of Venture for Canada interns, coming to us from various underrepresented groups across Canada, to bring their unique and invaluable perspectives into our program material, business model, and future planning!

Their passion, hard work and important perspectives help to ensure our youth programs are relevant and meeting the needs of what our future leaders and change-makers are going to need to thrive!

Jillian McLean-Collins

 Mentorship Community

"I believe it is time to ditch the expectations of where you should be in life and start exploring what you want and can do. The YOU Power project helps you gain confidence and motivation to start your transformative journey to help you build the skills for a successful future."

Daisy Dai

 Mentorship Community

"I hope all students who take this program feel empowered and become confident in exploring their passions and pursuing a career they want. Through the help of wonderful mentors, I hope they find the guidance and success they were looking for when they first joined!

Olive Lin

Mentorship Community

"My hope is that students who take part in this program will unlock their full potential, gaining not only knowledge but also confidence and a strong sense of purpose that will empower them to shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities."

Jahnavi Babu

Mentorship Community

"In recent times, there has been a noticeable gap in the education landscape. However, I am excited to introduce you to the You Power Project, reshaping education and empowering the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers."


Sérine Ali Tatar

 New Product R&D

"When we’re speaking of the You Power Project , we are not talking about a simple company that helps students, but rather a community that puts in place educational programs which will go above and beyond to get you where you want to be. This program made me an entrepreneur and gave me the strength to take a step towards my future, are you ready to take yours?"

Ziyao Ma

 New Product R&D

"The Youth Empowerment Project inspires the next generation to pursue their dreams. I am grateful to have the opportunity to help you pick a path that will suit you in the future, and prepare you for your future endeavors. Whether your interest lies in STEM related courses or not, I hope you will take away important lessons on how our world of technology operates behind the scenes..." 

Rohit Nair

 New Product R&D

"The You Power Project gives students the opportunity to explore what they want to do in their future through an interactive, entrepreneurship-oriented program. You are given the opportunity to pace your own learning, so take your time and go with the flow. Discover a new passion at the Youth Power Project! Kids...will see that they have the skills to be entrepreneurs..."

Sodaba Niazi

New Product R&D

"The You Power Project helps students like you to gain confidence and gives you career clarity through amazing programs. This safe group helped me to explore my interest in Entrepreneurship. Join this team and be part of this amazing community. I hope all kids to take the advantage of all the opportunities and resources that the program offers to them."

Andy C.

Marketing Team

"I’m really proud of being a part of the Youth Empowerment Project because the company seeks to advance the educational opportunities of young Canadians in an education system that fails to recognize the unique potentials of every individual."

Nick D.

Marketing Team

"My hope is for kids to take a chance and pursue a career in something they find genuinely passionate about, with the knowledge that the traditional forms of post secondary aren't their only available options."

Muslim E.

Marketing Team

"...This company inspires a future generation to never have to say 'I wish I knew about this when I was younger'. I hope that kids that take this program seek out opportunities for a better future for themselves and for the world at large."

Delina C.

Sponsorship Team

"...We are directly helping youth develop transferable skills to become leaders of the future. Together with our sponsors, we are making it possible. I hope [students learn] something new, perhaps find or improve on a skill, and feel inspired to use [their] capabilities to take a step towards building the future they envision."

Ryan N.

Sponsorship Team

"Often enough we see youth fall through the cracks because they don’t fit in. I'm really interested in this project because they are providing equal opportunity for all youth to be inspired. This project will provide youth the opportunity to feel welcome so that they can gain the confidence to take action."

Meredith M.

Tech/Marketing Support

"The Youth Empowerment Project is all about building our youth up so that they can take real action using their big ideas. Somewhere for them to start thinking about their futures and the future of the ever-changing world. [It's a place] where they can be heard and helped, and where they can feel truly empowered."

Sarah A.

Scaling to Schools

"I hope that the kids who take this program learn  there are many ways to accomplish their goals and that they discover themselves. They also learn to integrate relaxation techniques for their well-being while finding what drives them for their future."



Darren K.

Scaling to Schools

"I hope that students taking this program will feel like they have more opportunities in their career paths - more than what our regular school system limits us to. I also hope that they feel empowered and confident about their future career choices."



Bryen X.

Scaling to Schools

"The Youth Empowerment Project focus on providing inspired, empowered and interesting education for today's student, so they can achieve a succeed life. I am excited to be working with this company because this is the future of education."



Ibrahim N.

Scaling to Schools

[These programs] allow "young people to learn [and] discover more things about themselves so they can unlock their inner potential to benefit themselves and the society of the future. My hope is for kids to discover their they can stay true to themselves and what they love most."


Mira Ramlal

Sponsorship Portal+ Program Co-Designer

"Through our input in developing an online program that provides activities, motivational videos, a mentor system and much more, me and a team of other young adults apply our business knowledge in order to help young adults like ourselves feel empowered, and learn the world of entrepreneurship. As we value the members of our program above anything else, we show what it means to be a social enterprise by prioritizing quality education for our members and building a safe, resilient and sustainable environment through our support."

Sérine Ali Tatar

Returning VFC Intern

Post-Secondary Program Co-Designer

"As a young person, I always wished for someone to help me the way The Youth Empowerment Project is helping students nowadays. Their mission to empower young people through entrepreneurship and education is truly inspiring. By equipping students with flexible skills, confidence, and resilience, they are setting them for life! At The Youth Empowerment Project we stars as a student , and we finish as entrepreneurs!"

Meet some of the Pre-recorded Speakers in our empowerment Programs!

Led by Founder Jess Flynn, our programs include educational content delivered by a TEAM of incredible mentors from across Canada. Our growing community of professionals and experts share their stories, unique talents, passions and industry knowledge with all of our students.  Don't miss a beat- join our newsletter now!

Jeff A.D. Martin

Motivational Speaker, Diversity & Inclusion Coach

Jenn Walker

Dive Heart First, Mindset Coach, Facilitator, Speaker

Edie Gudaitis

Yoga + Meditation Instructor | Mindfulness Coach

at Edie Gudaitis Wellness

Lindsay Earle 

Team Canada Athlete- Ultimate Frisbee

P.Eng, MBA, Brand Ambassador, CRM Engagement Lead

Natalie Kirby

Midwife- BSc, HBSc, RM, MSc, IBCLC

Practice Partner

Kiel Wilson-Ciocci

Fine Artist and Co-Owner, KIAM Studio; Entrepreneur, Teacher

Vanessa Locicero

Vanessa Locicero, Lawyer & CEO of Soul Attorney Inc.

Amanda Wilson-Ciocci

Owner, The Monarch and Co

Fine Artist and Co-Owner, KIAM Studio; Entrepreneur and Launch Strategist

The Social Snippet

Kristina Bartold, Co-founder
Maria Tassi, Co-founder

Joseph Spitale

Director and Founder, Nail It Public Speaking

Brandon Houston

CEO of Switch Video President of The Collingwood Foundry Co-working space

Jay Francis

CPA, J Francis Professional Corporation, Corporate Accounting Firm

Kevin Danner

Co-Founder and CEO of Carbon Lock Tech, Canadian CleanTech Innovation

Dustin Churchill

Associate Director of People, Hello Fresh (Human Resources)

Caitlin Nagy

Creative Director, Creative by Caitlin. Women's Health Advocate.

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