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When you give to The YOU Power Project, you’re making it possible for a student to:

✓ Get inspired about their future through the exploration of entrepreneurship and business

✓ Feel empowered to dream big and reach their full potential

✓ Be equipped with the agile, creative skills necessary for succeeding in the modern workplace

✓ Overcome the pressure to choose the “right” job and focusing on the kind of impact they want to have instead

✓ Widen their circle of influence and grow their professional network of mentors and guides

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SEED Sponsor

Open the door for 1-9 student(s) to join our next program launch!

This level of support begins at $500


GROWTH Sponsor

Open the door for 10+ students to join our next program launch!

This level of support begins at $4500


IMPACT Sponsor

Support the facilitation of our program at any time of year for 25+ students

This level of support begins at $10,500 


"Leadership is not about the next election, it's about the next generation"

Check out our comprehensive sponsorship package for a one-stop-shop of info on our new sponsorship program! This is also a great resource for sharing with those in your aligned network.


You are giving confidence and invaluable skills to young people- here's what you're getting in return:

We value our sponsors and make a big deal about those who collaborate with us! As a sponsor, here's a look at some of the benefits you'll receive!*

  • Promotion... on our website, social media, newsletter, instructional resources*, as well as a badge to display on your website and other social media accounts, identifying your organization as an ally of our next generation
  • Login credentials to our online Sponsorship Portal* for quick access to your marketing material as well as student success stories!
  • Invitations to our in-person sponsor events!

*Beginning at the GROWTH+ Sponsorship Levels

We’re Proud to partner with Youth Outreach organizations to help ensure your sponsorship dollars find deserving students fast!

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Thank You to our Growth Sponsors!

Growth and Impact sponsors make it possible for MANY students from any one of our partnered youth organizations to participate in our programs

I'm ready to become a sponsor!

Please note, your sponsorship is not a charitable donation as we are a for-profit, social enterprise. 

It’s important that we operate as a for-profit business to set an example for our young entrepreneurs who are learning about creating a profitable business with major social impact.

In exchange for your support, you will receive a purchase receipt and a comprehensive marketing package, not a charitable tax receipt.