Preparing youth for a changing world

4 steps that build confidence, clarity, and resilience! 

Tuesday, March 22nd @6:00 PM EST (google meet). Parents and students (age 12-18) are welcome!

It's time to update our approach 

for preparing our kids for their future. The days of working backwards from a specific job title are gone (or should be). The best way to prepare our kids for their future is move away from job-specific training and towards a model that celebrates their uniqueness and builds their confidence, critical and creative thinking, agility and resiliency.  

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Why join us on March 22nd?

Our material has been celebrated by educators around the globe, and more importantly STUDENTS and parents! 

Company Founder and webinar host Jess Flynn has a powerful thing going on! She's an entrepreneur with over a decade of classroom teaching. She's dedicated to helping young people recognize their unique power and potential and super passionate about equipping kids to take big action TODAY!

We also have a powerful student-driven approach to our work and have a team student interns helping to deliver quality learning experiences and spread awareness of our company mission!

Let's hang out on March 22nd!

Ready to help your kids dream big and make a real plan?

Join me on March 22, 2022 at 6 PM EST when I'll share our 4 step approach for building confidence, clarity and resilience in our next generation of thought-leaders and change-makers. 

Yes, sign us up!

Parents and students (ages 12-18) welcome!

Preparing youth for a changing world: 4 steps that build confidence, clarity, and resilience! 

Tuesday, March 22nd @6:00 PM EST (google meet)

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The YOUth EmPOWERment Project serves those as young as 12 on their journey to self discovery. We empower young people to lean into their uniqueness and to approach problems with excitement and creativity.  

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